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Upcoming events

    • 03/10/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 12/10/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 10 sessions
    • virtual event
    • 985

    Calling all Instructional Designers!  

    Join us for our monthly special interest group focused on the art and science of instructional design.  Arizona is a powerhouse for instructional design, with many educational and corporate training teams located here. Get to know your fellow Arizona Instructional Designers.  Network, share ideas and learn about this evolving field.

    This special interest group is free for ATD Valley of the Sun members.  

    • 03/17/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 12/15/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 10 sessions
    • virtual event
    • 996

    Calling all HR L&D Leaders!  

    Managing training needs for your organizations doesn't have to be a solo act.  If you are responsible for your organization's HR training needs, like onboarding, compliance and regulatory training, then this special interest group is for you.  Meet other Arizona HR and Learning professionals, build your network, share ideas and gain resources.  

    This special interest group is free for ATD Valley of the Sun members.  

    • 03/18/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 12/16/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 10 sessions
    • virtual event

    Arizona Talent and Development Professionals -   Join us on the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month for Coffee Talk.  Meet your peers in learning, share ideas, find new resources, or just enjoy the conversation.

    These 30 minute sessions make a great break in your work week and give you the chance to build relationships with other L&D professionals in the State 48.

    Coffee optional.

    • 03/24/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 12/22/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 10 sessions
    • virtual event
    • 991

    Do you oversee your organizations training programs?

    Join us for our monthly special interest group designed for you and others who are responsible for your learning programs.  Arizona is full of talented Mangers, Directors and Chief Learning Officers.  Get to know your peers, share ideas and resources, and build your professional network.  And have a good time doing it!

    This special interest group is free for ATD Valley of the Sun members.  

    • 04/01/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 12/02/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 9 sessions
    • virtual event

    Arizona Talent and Development Professionals -   Join us on the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month for Coffee Talk.  Meet your peers in learning, share ideas, find new resources, or just enjoy the conversation.

    These 30 minute sessions make a great break in your work week and give you the chance to build relationships with other L&D professionals in the State 48.

    Coffee optional.

    • 04/07/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 12/01/2021
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 9 sessions
    • virtual event
    • 982

    Calling all Trainers and Facilitators!  

    Join us for our monthly special interest group focused on group training events.  Network and build relationships with your fellow Arizona Trainers and Facilitators.  Share ideas and resources that can help you in your career.  

    This special interest group is free for ATD Valley of the Sun members.  

    • 04/26/2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC-07:00)
    • Virtual

    Join us with Tyrone A. Holmes, Ed.D., President of T.A.H. Performance Consultants, LLC for a virtual discussion!

    Unconscious bias is a quiet, yet powerful performance killer because it interferes with our ability to build  relationships across differences and leads to bad decisions that impair individual and organizational  performance. Left unchecked, unconscious bias can negatively impact the recruitment, interviewing and  selection process. This highly interactive, virtual workshop will describe 3 types of unconscious bias that  can impact the hiring process (affinity bias, beauty bias and confirmation bias) and describe specific steps  we can take to reduce the negative impact of these biases.

    As a result of this session, each participant will be able to do the following: 

    1. Define unconscious bias. 

    2. Describe 3 types of unconscious bias that can negatively affect the hiring process: affinity bias, beauty  bias and confirmation bias. 

    3. Describe specific steps we can take to reduce the negative impact of unconscious bias on the hiring  process.

Past events

03/22/2021 Are They Working?? A Formula for Worry-Free and Impactful Remote Leadership
02/22/2021 Creating a Courageous Culture to Improve Performance
01/23/2021 Volunteer Onboarding Virtual Event
11/16/2020 November Monthly Program | The Power of Video for Talent Development Professionals
10/26/2020 October Monthly Program | Hiring Trends in Today's Word
09/28/2020 September Monthly Program | Building Beautiful Online Learning - Quickly
08/24/2020 August Monthly Program | Agile Leadership
07/27/2020 July Monthly Program | "Um, what do you do?!"
06/22/2020 June Monthly Program | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: practical applications for talent development
06/18/2020 Lunch & Learn | Future Now Leadership: The Imperative to Build Future-Fit Leaders and a Future Fit Organization in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond
06/11/2020 Virtual Networking - Coffee Break
05/26/2020 May Monthly Program | Healthy Living for Busy Professionals
05/20/2020 Virtual Networking - Happy Hour
05/13/2020 May Virtual Lunch & Learn | Hacking Teamwork 2020: Five Critical Steps to Building High Performing Teams
04/27/2020 April Monthly Program | Gamification in L&D: What it is, What it does, and How to do it
03/23/2020 POSTPONED - Monthly Program | Unbiasing Your Organization
03/19/2020 COVID-19 Learning Webinar (2ND session)
03/19/2020 COVID-19 Learning Webinar
02/29/2020 Volunteer Onboarding Orientation
02/24/2020 Monthly Program | Designing and Facilitating Engaging Online Training
01/27/2020 New Year Networking
11/18/2019 Keys to Mastering Personal Productivity with Arvell Craig
10/21/2019 Unconscious Bias: A Quiet Performance Killer with Dr. Tyrone Holmes
09/16/2019 Refilling When Running on Empty - Practicing Passionate Self-Care
06/24/2019 Defining Coaching Skills for Leaders
04/03/2019 Half Day Workshop: 12 Easy-Peasy Rules For Making Slides That Make Sense
04/03/2019 Save by Attending Both Workshops: See What I Mean: 5 Questions for Creating Vibrant, Vivid, Visual Presentations and 12 Easy-Peasy Rules for Making Slides that Make Sense
04/03/2019 Half Day Workshop: See What I Mean: 5 Questions for Creating Vibrant, Vivid
03/26/2019 Top Tactics for Maximizing the Impact of Coaching
03/18/2019 Driving Performance Through Real-Time Feedback
02/25/2019 3 Big Presentation Mistakes and What to Do About Each One
01/28/2019 Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence, What Sets Apart Exceptional Leaders From Good Leaders
11/08/2018 Chain of Evidence: Prove Learning Solutions Contribute to Business Results
10/25/2018 SME Playbook Script Learning Model for the Classroom
10/15/2018 Search Inside Yourself
08/16/2018 The Future is Now: Developing Your Emerging Leaders
07/17/2018 Adobe Captivate: Create Interactive eLearning in 90 Minutes or Less
07/09/2018 July 9th Networking Session
06/25/2018 Pop-up Innovation Academy
06/13/2018 Talk Like TED Breakfast Workshop
05/17/2018 Talent Analytics: Emerging Themes and Successful Practices
05/15/2018 Retaining Top Performers: Aligning Purpose to Mission
05/08/2018 May 8th - Instructional design for now and the future
04/30/2018 April 30th - Instructional design for now and the future
04/26/2018 The Zone of Individual Excellence: The WHAT, WHY & HOW of Human Performance
04/24/2018 April 24th - Instructional design for now and the future
04/11/2018 The Zone of Individual Excellence: The WHAT, WHY & HOW of Human Performance
03/28/2018 Identifying the Right Fit Candidate: How Science is Changing the Candidate Selection Process
03/26/2018 Network, Learn and Grow with ATD Valley of the Sun
03/22/2018 Identifying the Right Fit Candidate: How Science is Changing the Candidate Selection Process
03/10/2018 Building a Multi-million Dollar Speaking/Training/Consulting Business
02/02/2018 Free Webinar on Diversity and Inclusion: Finding Power in Parity
01/18/2018 The Future of Work with Paul Kinsinger
01/01/2018 HR Emerging Leaders Program with AZHREF
10/31/2017 Annual Conference: Connect to Work Better
10/31/2017 Exhibition Registration
10/30/2017 Conference Reception
08/24/2017 Conference: AZ Total Rewards Association
07/12/2017 Developing High Potentials: Shaping the Future of the Company
07/11/2017 CPLP Virtual Study Group - Free Info Session
06/23/2017 Level 1 Gamification Certification for Talent Development Professionals
06/19/2017 AzODN Event: Trends, Advances and Conundrums in Organization Design
05/22/2017 AZODN May Monday Mixer
05/10/2017 Gamification for Talent Development! Deconstructing the psychology of games for your learning programs
04/13/2017 LearnNow: Storytelling
04/04/2017 Creative Learning Strategies: 27 Ways to Get Greater Results from Your Training
03/17/2017 Knowledge Sharing Cafe
02/08/2017 Building Powerful CONNECTIONS with Today’s Diverse Audience
01/11/2017 Design Thinking Demystified
12/16/2016 Feed My Starving Children Volunteer Opportunity
10/21/2016 ELEVATE ATD VOS Conference
09/29/2016 Webinar: Sneak preview of the ATD VOS Professional Development Series
08/24/2016 Networking Mixer
07/21/2016 Webinar: Creating Engaging Animated Videos with Powtoon
06/23/2016 47 Tips and Best Kept Secrets for Designing Level 1-4 Evaluations
06/22/2016 Boost Training Transfer Using Predictive Learning Analytics™ (PLA)
06/08/2016 Work Together Series, Collaborate
05/11/2016 E-Learning with Tom Kuhlmann
04/13/2016 Organizational Learned Helplessness
03/09/2016 Collaborate! How to work well with anyone!
02/19/2016 Building World-Class Facilitation Skills
02/18/2016 Make Learning a Meaningful Part of Your Business Strategy
01/12/2016 Bob Pike's Masterclass: 7 Greatest Mistakes Trainers Make
12/11/2015 Mix & Mingle: 2015 ATD Year End Celebration
10/23/2015 2015 ENGAGE Conference presented by ATD VOS
10/22/2015 Pre-Conference Workshop (P1) - Talent Development Track
10/22/2015 Pre-Conference Workshop (P2) - Facilitation Track
10/22/2015 Pre-Conference Workshop (P3) - Leadership Development Track
09/30/2015 2015 Networking Event
09/22/2015 Creating a Talent Mindset: Managing the Paradoxes
08/19/2015 Developing “Thinking Managers” To Bridge The Engagement Gap
08/04/2015 Kolbe Certification Training
06/23/2015 Transformational Leadership – A New Approach to Leading in Times of Complexity
06/18/2015 Analyzing Performance Gaps
05/27/2015 BYOD: Facilitating for Today’s Mobile Enhanced Learners
04/28/2015 How to Change, Reinvent or Advance Your Training Career
03/28/2015 Storyline 2 Training – Beyond the Basics
03/24/2015 Storyline - Nuts and Bolts (2 Part Webinar Series - 3/24 & 3/26)
02/25/2015 Demonstrate Value and Get Your “Seat at the Table”: 43 Tips and Best Kept Secrets for Designing Level 1–4 Evaluations
02/24/2015 Now That You Have All This Data, Learn How to Use it to Make a Difference
01/23/2015 Navigating a Complex Future: Five Strategies for Business Leaders
10/17/2014 2014 IGNITE Conference presented by ATD VOS
10/16/2014 Pre-Conference Workshop (P1) - Coaching & Presenting Track
10/16/2014 Pre-Conference Workshop (P2) - Executive Leadership Track
10/16/2014 Pre-Conference Workshop (P3) - Design & Development Track
09/25/2014 September 24 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
09/11/2014 Gamification - A Game Changer for Education and Business
09/10/2014 September 10 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
08/27/2014 August 27 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
08/15/2014 There Is an “I” in TEAM: Using Team Coaching to Turn Individual Contributions into Collective Results
07/22/2014 POSTPONED!! The Wise Organization: Exploring the Next Evolution in Workplace Learning has been postponed.
07/17/2014 Using Media to Engage and Teach
06/19/2014 2014 Trends in Executive Development
06/17/2014 Learning on the go: Driving performance with micro learning
06/06/2014 Learning Leader's Forum
05/22/2014 May 22nd Toastmaster's SIG Meeting
05/19/2014 Coaching Week 2014 – Directory of ICF Phoenix Coaches
05/15/2014 Designing and Facilitating Performance-Based Diversity Training
05/08/2014 May 8th Toastmasters SIG Meeting
05/07/2014 Learn How To Navigate Through Communication Missteps!
04/24/2014 April 24th Toastmasters SIG Meeting
04/21/2014 Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0 Certification Training
04/16/2014 Empowering People Development
04/10/2014 April 10th Toastmasters SIG Meeting
03/27/2014 March 27, 2014 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
03/19/2014 Game-based Learning: To Play or Not to Play
03/13/2014 March 13, 2014 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
03/11/2014 Become a Rapid E-learning Pro & Getting started with Articulate Storyline
02/27/2014 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
02/27/2014 Tools, Technology & Techniques: Adobe Captivate 7 in a Nutshell
02/05/2014 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Edition 4.0 Preview
01/30/2014 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
01/28/2014 Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead
01/16/2014 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
01/03/2014 Digging Deeper -- Getting to the C.O.R.E of Training: The Missing Link in the ADDIE Model
12/19/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
12/05/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
12/05/2013 ASTD-VOS Chapter Program: Assessments through the Learning Process
11/26/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
11/19/2013 TDCE SIG Event: Blended Learning - Strategies and Tactics
11/15/2013 Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies with the EQ SMARTS! Skill Builder Program
11/13/2013 EQi 2.0/EQ360 Certification Workshop
11/12/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
11/07/2013 FREE WEBINAR: Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies with the EQi 2.0 Assessment Tools
10/31/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
10/29/2013 2013 Cultivating Community Spirit Conference presented by ASTD VOS and ICF Phoenix
10/28/2013 Pre-Conference Workshop (P1) - Executive/Leader Track
10/28/2013 Pre-Conference Workshop (P2) - Evaluation and Metrics Track
10/28/2013 Pre-Conference Workshop (P3) - Technology Track
10/25/2013 Learning Leader’s Forum - Breakfast Meeting
10/23/2013 The eLearning Guild's DevLearn 2013 Conference & Expo
10/16/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
09/27/2013 ASTD-VOS Chapter Program: Increasing Training ROI - Best Practices for Implementation & Sustainment
09/18/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
09/16/2013 Training Magazine's Online Learning Conference 2013
09/11/2013 Discounted Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program (Online / September Sessions)
09/09/2013 The eLearning Guild's Performance Support Symposium 2013
09/04/2013 ASTD VOS Webinar: Engaging Learners in a Virtual Training Session
08/22/2013 Don Kirkpatrick Honors Reception
08/21/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
08/14/2013 TDCE SIG Event: Using Behavioral Assessments to Improve Training Programs
08/13/2013 Complimentary Franklin Covey Leadership Event
08/06/2013 Discounted Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program (Online / August Sessions)
07/26/2013 Learning Leader’s Forum - Breakfast Meeting
07/25/2013 ASTD-VOS Chapter Program: Don’t Try to Change Me – Just Understand Me
07/18/2013 ASTD National Free Webinar: Increasing Training ROI: Best Practices for Implementation & Sustainment
07/11/2013 CANCELLED: Creating a Global Learning Organization
07/10/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
06/26/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
06/18/2013 mLearnCon 2013 Conference & Expo
06/13/2013 Free Webinar Series: Let's Get Real About Training Evaluation - Part 2
06/13/2013 Complimentary Leadership Workshop: Experience Essentials of Business Leadership
06/11/2013 ASTD VOS Webinar: Emerging Learning Technologies-An Overview of the TinCanAPI /ExperienceAPI
06/06/2013 ASTD-VOS Chapter Program: Career Portfolios - No Longer an Option, But a Requirement
06/06/2013 Free Webinar Series: Let's Get Real About Training Evaluation - Part 1
05/30/2013 ASTD-VOS Chapter Program: Assessing and Developing Global Mindset
05/29/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
05/21/2013 TDCE SIG Event: Training Application Coaching – Helping to Make Training Stick
05/19/2013 ASTD 2013 International Conference & Exposition
05/17/2013 ASTD Networking Mixer to Recognize ASTD Gordon Bliss Award Recipients
05/16/2013 ASTD National Free Webinar: Attention! How to Get It and Keep It
05/15/2013 Toastmasters SIG Meeting
05/01/2013 ASTD National Free Webinar: Using Technology to Drive Just-in-Time Learning
04/26/2013 Learning Leader’s Forum - Breakfast Meeting
04/22/2013 Toastmasters Information Meeting
04/22/2013 The Speed of Trust Tour - Stephen M.R. Covey LIVE in Phoenix
04/17/2013 AzODN Special Program - Low-Tech Leadership Practices for the High-Tech Era
03/27/2013 ASTD National Free Webinar: Training & Development Competencies: Redefined to Create Competitive Advantage
03/19/2013 TDCE SIG Event: Are You Earning a Living or Living a Life of Purpose?
02/28/2013 ASTD VOS Webinar: Developing EQ Competencies with the EQi 2.0 Assessments and Tools
02/21/2013 February 21, 2013 Chapter Meeting: Mindfulness Matters – Don’t Let “Fight” or “Flight” Control You
02/19/2013 ASTD VOS Webinar: E-Learning on a Budget
02/13/2013 Free Webinar: How effective is your virtual training?
02/12/2013 EMBA Live Panel Discussion with Ken Blanchard
02/07/2013 2013 PACE Conference (20% off for ASTD VOS members)
01/24/2013 January 24, 2013 Chapter Meeting: You Can’t Teach People to Sell by Teaching People to Sell (EVERYONE IS IN SALES!)
01/22/2013 January 22, 2013 Special Chapter Event: Stress is Heavy-Lighten Up!
12/18/2012 TDCE SIG Event: Blended Learning: The Top Ten Practices
12/06/2012 Free Webinar: Write it Right! Use a Seven Step Process to Develop Learning Activities
12/05/2012 Free Webinar: HTML5 is Here to Stay - How to Achieve the New Content Delivery Norm
11/29/2012 Coaching for Execution - Complimentary Preview Workshop
11/29/2012 EQi 2.0 and EQ360 Certification
11/28/2012 Free Webinar: Adult Learning Principles in the Age of Social Media
11/07/2012 Bright and Bored-Now What?
10/23/2012 2012 ASTD Valley of the Sun Conference
09/21/2012 Discover How to Train the Starbuck Way - Then Find the "RIGHT" KEY to Unlock the Best Solution For Your Organizational Challenges
09/19/2012 ASTD VOS Share, Inspire, and Learn Mixer
09/19/2012 Workforce Engage 2012 Online Conference
09/13/2012 Adobe Free Webinar: Advanced Actions for Dummies using Adobe Captivate 6
09/12/2012 ASTD VOS SEP 2012 Dinner Event - Emotional Intelligence: An Essential Part Of Effective Leadership
08/28/2012 ASTD VOS August 2012 AFTERNOON Event - Presentations that WOW Your Audience! Techniques that Engage and Inspire Participants to Action!
08/23/2012 ASTD VOS August 2012 Dinner Event - Training that Connects with All Thinking Styles
08/10/2012 1-day "Creating Technical Competencies" workshop conducted by Workitect
08/07/2012 3-day "Building Competency Models" workshop conducted by Workitect
08/01/2012 Free Webinar: Out With the Old, In With the New: A New Performance Review Process
07/19/2012 ASTD VOS July 2012 Chapter Meeting - Learning’s from the Trenches – Developing a Learning Path to impact Customer Experience
07/18/2012 ASTD National Webcast: Facilitating in the Live Online Classroom: 5 Techniques to Master Delivery
07/17/2012 ASTD National Webcast: Informal Learning Basics: What ARE the Basics?
07/17/2012 Free Webinar: Creating & Delivering Irresistible e-Learning
07/11/2012 ASTD National Webcast: Design Is Everything: 5 Techniques for Designing an Interactive Virtual Class
07/10/2012 ASTD National Webcast: Mobile Learning: Delivering Learning in a Connected World
07/03/2012 ASTD National Webcast: What's Missing From Your Leadership Development Program? Followership!
06/27/2012 ASTD National Webcast: Measuring the Value of Learning
06/26/2012 Live Webcast: Thought Partnership Coaching: A New Approach to Solving Business Problems
06/26/2012 Become a Certified True Colors Trainer
06/20/2012 Free Webinar: Promoting a Culture Where High Potentials Can Innovate and Disrupt
06/20/2012 ASTD National Webcast: Add Powerful Storytelling Techniques to Your Training
06/19/2012 ASTD VOS June 2012 Event: Dynamical Leadership
06/19/2012 ASTD National Webcast: Social Selling-How to Win as a Team
06/18/2012 ASTD National Webcast: Lost Secrets of Effective Leadership Training
06/13/2012 Free Webinar: Strategic Talent Acquisition: The Art and Science of Competitive Advantage
05/22/2012 T&D Tool Box SIG Event: Mobile Learning - Top Trends and Apps
05/17/2012 ASTD VOS May 2012 Program - The Power of Experiential Learning
05/17/2012 Free Webinar: Training Transfer – The Secret Sauce for Making it Stick
04/19/2012 ASTD VOS April 2012 Luncheon: The Psychology of Employee Engagement – Diagnosing Fit, Engagement and Retention
04/11/2012 Trainer’s Tool Box SIG Event – Return on Expectations (ROE)

Chapter Events

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