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Training Delivery & Facilitation SIG - Tackling Virtual Troublemakers

  • 06/29/2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual Session


  • Free!


If you're looking to share experiences, challenges, and connections with like-minded peers who focus on training delivery and facilitation, ATD VOS can help you find your tribe!  SIGs are free for ATD VOS Members!

Training Delivery & Facilitation Special Interest Group

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Arizona

Virtual Session

Tackling Virtual Troublemakers 

  June 2022 Focus

During the June Training Delivery & Facilitation SIG, we'll help to guide an interactive conversation around a whole myriad of new learner behaviors that have started to appear with the regularity of virtual instructor-led classes. Together, we'll look at ideas to tackle those troublemakers head-on.

Possible discussion questions will center around...

  • How do you start off on the best foot?

  • How do you support those who still struggle to join the virtual classroom?

The learners who still struggle since 2020 to find their microphone icon or the right room link?
  • How do you address the needs of those overly active learners?

The learners who just can't stop themselves from filling the chat with answers and ideas or unmuting themselves to respond to every question
  • How do you engage those who are on virtual overload?

The learners who...just...can't...possibly...attend... 1...more...draining...virtual...room...they...are...exhausted...

  • How do you engage those who are easily distracted?

The learners who just have to answer this quick message about a report that's due tomorrow morning. "I'm here. I'm listening—I promise.  I'm just wrapping something up." 

  • How do you leverage those who ARE engaged and energized?
  • Which preparation techniques work well before a class?
  • Which real-time technology strategies work well during a class?
  • And other troublemaker situations!

Join us to share your own insight and hear from your peers!

What is the group?

In our Training Delivery & Facilitation Special Interest Group, we will focus on the Training Delivery and Facilitation capability of ATD's Talent Development Capability Model™.  Each session will have a focused topic, but we welcome a diverse and organic discussion that may lead to other brilliant ideas. The ATD VOS Training Delivery & Facilitation SIG will meet every other month in 2022.

Who can attend?

All learning, development, and talent professionals are welcome to join--whether you've just been told you're to train the new hire or you're a skillful facilitator who can handle the toughest of participants.

How does ATD define 'delivery and facilitation?'

Training delivery and facilitation are means by which talent development professionals help individuals improve performance at work by learning new skills and knowledge. The practitioner serves as a catalyst for learning by understanding the learner’s needs, creating the right environment for learning, building rapport with participants, and using the appropriate delivery options and media to make learning engaging, effective, relevant, and applicable.

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