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Leaders with a Capital "L"

  • 05/26/2022
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Virtual Session


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Led by Brett Larson, this session will outline his approach to Leadership Development (LD) which he calls HUMan-Based Leadership (HUMBLE) and has documented in an upcoming book called Leaders with a Capital “L”.  His methodology breaks from the traditional cohort approach that pushes a comprehensive leadership curriculum onto a disparate group of students from throughout an organization. HUMBLE involves measuring and understanding the current state of a team and works with a local leadership team to identify the areas of greatest opportunity. Then pertinent leadership development content is delivered to the leader and their team. The approach is about the LD professionals seeing themselves not as deliverers of curriculum, but as partners in growing leadership capability. It is about meeting their busy customers where they are, setting shared goals, and delivering content most directly aligned with the immediate needs of their team.

The approach includes things like:

  • delivering team and individual training on emotional intelligence,
  • providing custom development support,
  • implementing a process where leaders drive the development of current and future leaders on their team,
  • defining activities to sustain the learning, and
  • measuring the future state post leadership development to ensure the growth of leaders has produced more engagement from the broad team.

Brett will be sharing this approach and leading a conversation for how to best serve our leaders in their need to evolve skills that grow high performing teams.

Brett Larson


Brett is a Leadership Development Program Manager at WL Gore and Associates. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Colorado University. Brett has been a Leader at varying levels for 30 years and has spent much of that time developing other Leaders and Leadership teams.

In 2018 Brett received his certification as a Professional Coach, and today he helps Leaders learn how to create a climate of psychological safety that enables peak performance. His approach includes developing individual and team emotional intelligence toward creating a strong, functional team based on trust, honesty, and authenticity. These attributes not only grow bottom line profitability, they create an environment of mutual respect and accountability that maximizes job satisfaction and business results.

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