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What does being a chapter member mean to me?

04/02/2022 8:41 PM | Cheryl Hall (Administrator)

I was thinking today about what it means to be a member of an organization like ATD VOS. April is Member Appreciation Month, so it is top of mind as I work on communications for chapter members. For me, being a chapter member comes down to 3 things: community, learning and volunteering.

I love the sense of community I get from interacting with other members. Like most of you, I don’t work in a big talent development team. I don’t have someone at work with whom I can talk about ideas, practices, and tools. I love hearing about other ways of doing things. That helps me get better. Our chapter members provide a great community that scratches that particular itch for me. In March, we held a networking event using a new tool, Meetaway. I wasn’t able to attend, but I heard great things about how the tool facilitates one-on-one conversation; what most of us are looking for in networking events. I look forward to future virtual events using this tool.

Let’s face it, those of us who develop learning love to learn. This is one of the greatest benefits I find in my chapter membership. Each year, ATD VOS has events on interesting topics that are relevant for what I do. This year we have already talked about industry trends, using applications, and storytelling. In April there will be sessions on DEI and improving learner retention. In May, we have a session on developing leaders. I can’t wait to see what else we have on the schedule for 2022.

I have benefited so much from volunteering with the 2 chapters I have been involved with. In both cases, I gained new skills in leadership, planning, and executing programs. As the Director of Communications for ATD VOS, I am learning a new skill set in communications and marketing. I would probably never have had the chance to learn some of these skills if I had not volunteered to join a chapter board. I highly recommend it.

This month, ATD VOS will be sending out our annual membership survey. Please take some time to think about what you value in a community like ATD VOS. Let us know what we can do to create a great experience for you.

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