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    • 10/13/2022
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Virtual Session

    A powerful skill that accelerates your ability, as a talent professional, to drive change is to employ practical behavior practices. How do you assess your behavior-based skills for driving change? How do these behaviors and skills get rooted and sustained? What are the visible and measurable differences between a behavior-based approach vs. a typical change management approach?

    Join us for this exciting session where you will discover:

    • How behavior gets rooted and sustained and 

      how to gain reinforcement to put this learning into practice
    • The key differences you need to know between a behavior-based approach and a typical change management approach
    • How to succeed with 3 practical ways to include behavior in how to execute change for your organization to implement immediately

    Michelle Yanahan's session was recently featured at the

    2022 ATD International Conference and Exposition in Orlando.

          Michelle Yanahan

          Principal, ChangeFit 360

          Michelle Yanahan, Principal and Owner of ChangeFit 360, is a passionate organizational change management strategist with 20 years’ experience in leadership roles executing programs that grow change management as a strategic business competency. Michelle holds a Masters in Organizational Behavior as well as CCMP and Prosci ADKAR change certifications. 

          Learn more about Michelle and ChangeFit 360.

          • 10/26/2022
          • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
          • Virtual Session

          Training Delivery & Facilitation Special Interest Group

          Wednesday, October 26, 2022

          12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Arizona

          Virtual Session

          During the October Training Delivery & Facilitation SIG, we'll help to guide an interactive conversation about what happens in training shouldn't stay in training. Together, we'll explore ideas that work best in facilitating true behavior change.

          Possible discussion questions will center around...

          • How do facilitators help learners commit to behavior change?

          • How do facilitators help leaders commit to behavior change?

          • Why does behavior change often fail?

          • How is successful behavior change tracked back to a learning program?

          • In which ways can we address the forgetting curve?

          • How do you adapt standard facilitation techniques to guide behavior change?

          • What works best for large groups? Smaller groups?

          • Which techniques work best for remote learners?

          • And other attendee ideas & techniques!

          Join us to share your own insight and hear from your peers!

          What is the group?

          In our Training Delivery & Facilitation Special Interest Group, we will focus on the Training Delivery and Facilitation capability of ATD's Talent Development Capability Model™.  Each session will have a focused topic, but we welcome a diverse and organic discussion that may lead to other brilliant ideas. The ATD VOS Training Delivery & Facilitation SIG will meet every other month in 2022.

          Who can attend?

          All learning, development, and talent professionals are welcome to join--whether you've just been told you're to train the new hire or you're a skillful facilitator who can handle the toughest of participants.

          How does ATD define 'delivery and facilitation?'

          Training delivery and facilitation are means by which talent development professionals help individuals improve performance at work by learning new skills and knowledge. The practitioner serves as a catalyst for learning by understanding the learner’s needs, creating the right environment for learning, building rapport with participants, and using the appropriate delivery options and media to make learning engaging, effective, relevant, and applicable.

          • 11/03/2022
          • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
          • Virtual Session

          Experts predict this will be a long war - 10 years! Learning and development professionals can make critical contributions to helping their organization win the War for Talent and curtail The Great Resignation trend.  Learn what other companies are doing and the specific practices related to learning and development.

          During the session, attendees will...

          • Understand the reasons organizations are challenged to recruit, engage, and retain employees
          • Recognize the shift in mindset, skill set, and strategy required of organizations to address this challenge
          • Identify how learning and development professionals can assist in winning the war

          Join us for an interactive workshop and Q&A, where you will learn how a robust talent retention and engagement strategy can:

          • help create a strategic advantage for top talent
          • impact cross functional groups: L&D, HR & Recruitment
          • Improve PR to be recognized as an “Employer of Choice”
          • Save your organization money in turnover cost… the program pays for itself

               Ledger EmojiFor those interested in learning how much money your organization could potentially save, come prepared with your turnover rate and cost per employee lost calculations!

              Dixie Grow

              Career Growth Associates


              Unable to join the session, but want to learn more?

              Contact learn@careergrowth.com.

              • 11/16/2022
              • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
              • Virtual Session

              If you're looking to share experiences, challenges, and connections with like-minded peers who focus on instructional design, ATD VOS can help you find your tribe!  SIGs are free for ATD VOS Members!

              Instructional Design Special Interest Group

              Wednesday, November 16, 2022

              12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Arizona

              Virtual Session

              We regularly hear that our learners want more videos in training, but how and where do you start?

              During the November Instructional Design SIG, we'll help to guide an interactive conversation sharing best practices from building authentic content to using effective video techniques.

              Our conversation may focus around ideas and questions like—

              • Starting at the very beginning, how do you plan for your training video creation?
                • How do you prepare scripts?
                • In which ways do you build storyboards?
                • Where do you plan to use b-roll?
                • Would you recommend any great apps or websites to help with planning?
              • How do you strategize to build an engaging video?
                • How do you identify the focus on the most relevant content?
                • How do you keep the content and delivery authentic?
                • Are there ways you maintain organizational brand and culture?
                • What are your thoughts on video lengths?
              • What are the best video techniques you use and/or have seen? 
                • What type of cameras do you use?
                • If you're using a mobile phone?  What are the best hidden tricks?
                • Do you have any favorite apps?
                • How do you get yourself and others 'camera-ready?'
                • How do you frame shots?
                • In what ways can you control for the best audio?
              • And more related ideas!

              • What is the group?

              In our Instructional Design Special Interest Group, we will focus on the Instructional Design capability of ATD's Talent Development Capability Model™.  Each session will have a focused topic, but we welcome a diverse and organic discussion that may lead to other brilliant ideas.  The ATD VOS Instructional Design SIG will meet every other month through 2022.

              Who can attend?

              All learning, development, and talent professionals are welcome to join--whether you're just starting to develop your first official course or you're a seasoned expert who uses SAM.

              How does ATD define 'instructional design?'

              Instructional design is an essential element of an effective learning effort. The creation of learning experiences and materials is what results in the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. Talent development professionals follow a system of assessing needs, designing a process, developing materials, and evaluating effectiveness. Instructional design requires the analysis and selection of the most appropriate strategies, methodologies, and technologies to maximize the learning experience and knowledge transfer.

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