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ATD VOS is 75!

07/05/2022 7:47 PM | Cheryl Hall (Administrator)

2022 is the 75th anniversary of ATD VOS. When you think about 75th anniversaries, you think diamonds. Diamonds are rare. They demonstrate commitment. They have staying power.

This organization started back in 1947, only a few years after ATD formed as the American Society of Training Directors. If you think back, how many businesses have come and gone in that time? How many still provide valuable benefits to their customers/members?


It is rare for an organization to last this long. Our membership may have gone up and down over time, but there continues to be a need for development and growth after formal education. ATD VOS, like other chapters around the country, is a rare organization. The local chapter provides the opportunity for in-person interaction with peers. That, combined with the literature, research and events provided by the national organization creates a rich and varied canvas that, like a fine gem.  


In 1959, the Valley of the Sun Chapter signed a charter with the American Society of Training and Development. Those members accepted their responsibility to provide ‘enrichment, opportunity and involvement to further the growth of its members.’

ATD VOS continues to believe in this mission. We are still committed to your learning, providing content and activities that deepen, refresh and energize our members.

Staying Power

If you think back, how many businesses have come and gone while ATD VOS has continued providing a place for talent development professionals to share and learn from each other. Our staying power is partly due to our ability to grow and adapt as our profession has grown. Starting as a group of training directors working for manufacturing companies, ATD VOS has become a place for training professionals in all industries and all levels to connect. We now provide learning opportunities in such varied topics as OD, Change Management, Facilitation, Instructional Design, Diversity, Leadership Development and Coaching.  

Let’s Keep This Going!

Our chapter, like others around the country, is not seeing the same level of participation that it used to. The availability of free development resources may have created the feeling that professional organizations like ATD VOS do not provide as much value as they used to. I challenge that belief.

We have just come out of a pandemic in which everyone has felt the loss of the connections and networks they had pre-pandemic. I don’t know about you, but I am desperate for more connections, not less.  For us to be able to look back in another 75 years, we need our members to participate.

  • Come to events
  • Engage in the conversations
  • Volunteer 
  • Share your knowledge in our programs and SIGs
It takes a village to create something that lasts this long. Come help us make the next 75 years at ATD VOS something to brag about!

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