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Reducing Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

  • 04/26/2021
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Virtual


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Join us with Tyrone A. Holmes, Ed.D., President of T.A.H. Performance Consultants, LLC for a virtual discussion!

Unconscious bias is a quiet, yet powerful performance killer because it interferes with our ability to build  relationships across differences and leads to bad decisions that impair individual and organizational  performance. Left unchecked, unconscious bias can negatively impact the recruitment, interviewing and  selection process. This highly interactive, virtual workshop will describe 3 types of unconscious bias that  can impact the hiring process (affinity bias, beauty bias and confirmation bias) and describe specific steps  we can take to reduce the negative impact of these biases.

As a result of this session, each participant will be able to: 

  1. Define unconscious bias. 
  2. Describe 3 types of unconscious bias that can negatively affect the hiring process: affinity bias, beauty  bias and confirmation bias. 
  3. Describe specific steps we can take to reduce the negative impact of unconscious bias on the hiring  process.

Dr. Tyrone Holmes is a professional speaker, consultant and author who has spent more than two decades teaching thousands of people to build powerful relationships in diverse settings. He received his bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Education and master’s degree in Counselor Education from Penn State University. Dr. Holmes received a second master’s degree in Business Management from the State University of New York before earning a perfect 4.0 GPA in his Counselor Education doctoral program at Penn State. As the owner of T.A.H. Performance Consultants, he has facilitated more than 1,500 keynotes, training seminars, webinars and classes that have taught participants to connect with others despite their differences, to effectively articulate their messages, to connect with diverse audiences and groups, and to reduce the negative impact of unconscious bias. His most recent book is Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage: 70 Tips to Improve Communication, which is a tool we can use to build powerful connections in diverse organizations. Dr. Holmes is a Past President of the Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and he loves to facilitate fun, interactive sessions that provide useful tools and techniques for participants!

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